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Mark_Twain.jpgSamuel Langhorne Clemens (he is better known by his pen name; Mark Twain) was born into this world on November 30, 1835 and born into life eternal on April 21,1910. He was born during Halley's Comet's appearance, later on in life he came to the assumption that he would depart upon the comet's return. Twain died the following day that Halley's Comet made it's appearance once again in 1910.

"I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: 'Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together."

Twain's story begins in Hannibal, Missouri; where the story of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer was born. In the beginning he worked as an apprentice to a printer and a typesetter. After these trials, he became a riverboat pilot and traveled the Mississippi River.


Other than The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, Twain has written countless works of literature including The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, The Innocents Abroad, and one of his most popular works, Life on the Mississippi.

Ode to Mark Twain

You have accomplished much in your life
Your ideas always seemed to be seen as obscure
Your reputation precedes you
You were a well rounded individual

From the mighty Mississippi to the conflicts of race
You never once turned on your beliefs
My hat goes off to you
One can only try to be as unique as you
Who else would create a pen name to protect their freedom of the press?
Who else would be as bold to wear a graduation garment to their own daughter's wedding?
You left your mark on the world
A fascinating to way to come and go
I hope that I can be fortunate to see the comet from which I received my name
But to die upon it's arrival, I'll leave that honor to Mark Twain

Your words are powerful and inspirational
I hear your voice when I read your works
I never question why.... but how
How, Mark Twain how
How does one have the ability to teach through the eyes of a child
How Mark Twain, how do you think you did
How does it feel to be called one of America's best humorists

Yes Mark Twain, you are one of the G.R.E.A.T.S of Literature (Great Realistic Entertaining Acceptive Tolerant Sane)

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