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Hatfield and McCoy Feud

Family Facts: Hatfield

Family Facts: McCoy

In The Adventures Huckleberry Finn, Huck gets saved by a man that belongs to a family known as the Grangerfords. Huck creates a fake identity yet again and is invited aboard once the family decides that he is not one of the rival family members a McCoy. The lady of the house tells Buck, a boy the same age as Huck, to go and " George Jackson" some dry clothes. Huck very much enjoys the house and the work of a deceased family member named Emmeline.

Eventually Huck bsgins to enjoy Buck's company, including all the other children as well: including Bob, the oldest; then Tom; then Charlotte, age twenty-five; Sophia, age twenty; and finally Buck.One day while Huck and Buck are out in the woods, Buck tries to shoot Harney Shepherdson, which causes Huck to wonder why he would even try to shoot him.Unfortunately, no one can remember even how or why the feud started. The two families attend church still, but they bring in their rifles and hold them between their legs while the preacher speaks.

But that feud doesn't stop Sophia from running off with Harney Shepherdson. Shortly after Huck finds a nineteen- year- old Grangerford and Buck in a gunfight against the Shepherdsons. Both he and Buck are killed, leaving Huck disturbed and he heads to find Jim.

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